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Sanda Berar

Born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Lives & works in Seattle, WA

I was born in Romania, lived in Finland for almost 20 years, and moved to USA, near Seattle, in my mid-forties. 
I have master’s degree in computer engineering, and I've been working for decades in tech industry. I now spend my days building gadgets, and my evenings painting and writing.  
I've started to hike and discovered the beauty of mountains during my teen's years in Romania. 
In Finland I've learned to love the sound of silence, and the beauty of the forests. 
Living now in Northwest Pacific area, forest and light continues to be one of my favorite subjects. 

I've discovered painting and art’s healing power late in life, and by sharing my work, I invite you to discover for yourself how art can be therapeutic, how it can help you free your emotions and heal.  As George Braque said, “Art is a wound turned into light.”

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